With a proven track record in Strategic Communications Planning, Marketing and Branding, VCT works closely with management, staff, boards and vendors to execute unique initiatives for our clients.


To enable your club or organization to best serve its current and future members, VCT undertakes an assessment designed to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your current communications program. During the assessment, key strategic communications initiatives will be identified and explored. Interactive sessions with your team ensures that we capture the unique essence and culture of your organization, and create necessary buy-in from the various stakeholders. 

Aligning strategic initiatives with a tailored communications program, the Member Experience Strategic Communications Plan (MESCP) is the heart of what drives success for our clients. Your MESCP includes detailed timelines and action plans fully customized to your goals and objectives, capped off with an overview of projected benefits. 

ON DEMAND SERVICES - project by project communications solutions

VCT ON DEMAND is dedicated to helping clubs and organizations with limited time, resources and/or budgets meet their needs by providing our professional, experienced team on an as-needed basis. 

You choose what you need and when. 


  •  Strategic Communications Planning
  • Communications, Marketing & Technology Advisory and Management Services
  • Internal Communications Assessment and Action Plan
  • Process Planning
  • Custom Solutions


  • Email Strategy
  • Email Campaigns
  • Managed eNewsletters
  • Website and Mobile Analysis and Strategy
  • Communications & Social Media Policy
  • Awareness Campaigns


  • Branding
  • Style Guide Development
  • Content Planning
  • Integrated Campaigns


  • Member Data Analysis
  • Member Profiling
  • Targeted Communications

e-Publishing Communications

  • Email remains one of the most effective channels for member communications. 
  • Your members check their inboxes daily.
  • Your members receive hundreds of emails each and every week… 

Are members reading your emails or are you being deleted? 

If you are like most clubs and member organizations, you’re likely sending multiple eBlasts per week and yet your recipients still complain they are unaware of news, events and activities - leaving you to wonder if your emails are being read. 

The Solution: 

VCT's ePublishing Communications platform is unlike any other email tool in the industry. Leave the technical details to us so that you can focus on communicating more professionally and effectively with members.

  • Consolidate weekly eBlasts
  • Cover all areas of the club or organization
  • Communicate more effectively with members and future members
  • Send targeted and personalized content
  • Add interactive content (video and photo slideshows)
  • Track member engagement through detailed reporting
  • Strengthen member relations and secure long-term retention
  • Grow readership and loyalty
  • Bring traffic back to your website

VCT has helped 100’s of clubs and member organizations streamline their electronic member communications. By sending members a weekly eNewsletter you can eliminate most (if not all) of the weekly ad hoc emails you are currently sending by including news, event updates and departmental news/events in one consolidated email.

Check out this live demo to see what VCT can do for your organization!