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Moraine Country Club

“VCT has been a tremendous help to myself and our entire staff at Moraine. We don’t have a dedicated Communications Director so VCT has assigned us an extremely talented account manager who serves as an extension to Moraine, assisting us with everything from website management, email campaigns, design and more. I highly recommend VCT to any organization looking for help with communications planning and management services.” 

Brian G. Walshe, CCM, CCE, CHA, General Manager / COO 
Round Hill Club

“When I began my new assignment at the Round Hill Club, I recognized the need for an overhaul of the Club's communications and branding tools; logo, newsletter, database management, website, departmental email templates and other digital communications resources. After interviewing several communications consultants, we were drawn by VCT’s broad experiences in the club industry and the strong recommendations from fellow managers. I had my hands full with the many on-boarding tasks associated with a new position but VCT was able to quickly pull our management  team together to rally around a holistic communications plan, and did so in a way that was seamlessly and efficiently executed. They acted as a part of my management team and advanced our communications program while allowing me to attend to other tasks.  

VCT is a true business partner that has helped us accomplish more in 12 months than we could have otherwise accomplished in years. I, and the Club, are very satisfied with the end results. I highly recommend VCT."

Matt McKinney, CCM, General Manager / Chief Operating Officer
Capital City Club

"After having heard Stephen Ready speak at various conferences and engaging him in dialogue, I enlisted VCT to evaluate Capital City Club’s communications efforts, communications programs, and areas of weakness with the goal of providing our members with more consistent, relevant, personalized and targeted communications.

Our first engagement with VCT began with a member focus group geared towards better understanding our members’ perception of the Club’s communications on a variety of levels. The insights from this exercise were extremely valuable and the key findings were later addressed in an actionable format in the “Member Experience Strategic Communications Plan” delivered by VCT.

From start to finish, VCT worked diligently and effectively with Club staff, members, and vendors to get a 360˚ analysis of the Club’s communications landscape. The end product, the “Member Experience Strategic Communications Plan”, gave us the information necessary to plan both our short-term and long-term communications strategy along with a detailed step-by-step execution plan to keep us focused and on point.

I highly recommend VCT for any Club looking to improve their member communications and get more value out of their communications efforts."

Richard Bayliss, CCM, CCE, Chief Operating Officer
Lost Tree Club

“We enlisted VCT initially to help us with our short-term and long-term strategic communications planning. We knew we were already doing a lot of things well with our member communications, but we wanted to take our communications to the next level. Internally, we also wanted to make sure our processes were as streamlined as possible and that our efforts would yield maximum member engagement.

Once VCT presented us with our in-depth "Member Experience Strategic Communications Plan" we had the necessary information to take action and begin making changes. We continued our relationship with VCT, enlisting them to help us reinvigorate our electronic member communications with their ePublishing Communications services. We’ve been leveraging this service and the VCT team for several months now and the response has been nothing but positive. Moreover, we are seeing the results in a more active and engaged membership.”

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